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Books on Relationships & Family

Books on Relationships & Family

Create Connection—Love with all you have. Strengthening relationships with the important people in your life is a crucial step to creating long-lasting connections. Whether you’d like a better relationship with your boss, coworkers, customers, parents, or friends, these books have the advice and stories you need as you work on celebrating and improving relationships, and making them stronger than ever.

These Simple Truths books on relationships and family can be used to:

  • Celebrate and connect with your loved ones
  • Remind your family of your unconditional love
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Gain insight and understanding to create positive change
  1. Good Luck, Graduate – 223 Thoughts for the Road Ahead


    “I love the honest, wise thoughts listed in this book.”–Sunny Tennant

    Your graduate will surely benefit from this fulfilling way to live, learning how to relish the best life has to offer.

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  2. Here's to the Graduate


    “Perfect for the high school graduate… very meaningful.”–Christine Bevel

    Give the graduate in your life a gift that expresses the joy and promise of tomorrow.

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  3. The 100/0 Principle – The Secret of Great Relationships

    $15.95 As low as: $11.00

    “A…universal application for personal and professional relationships.”–Thomas Morgan

    Much of your life’s satisfaction comes down to the quality of your relationships. Employ the 100/0 principle to improve these relationships exponentially.

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  4. The Joy Of Mom – Celebrating a Mother’s Love

    Special Price $5.00

    Regular Price: $12.99

    “Will make every mother and grandmother laugh and cry with joy.”–Bobbi

    Give a gift that celebrates motherhood and encapsulates the joy, honor, and privilege of being a mom.

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  5. To a Child, Love Is Spelled T-I-M-E – What a Child Really Needs from You

    Special Price $10.00

    Regular Price: $15.95

    “This is my standard for anyone I know having a child.”–Matt

    Discover inspirational insights on what parenting is all about. It’s a little book with a powerful message that will make you rethink life’s priorities.

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  6. Why a Son Needs a Mom – 100 Reasons


    A boy’s lifelong friend: no one understands a son quite like Mom.

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  7. Why a Son Needs a Dad – Personalized Book

  8. Why a Daughter Needs a Dad – Personalized Book

  9. Heart of a Mother (Special Edition) – The Beauty of a Mother's Love

  10. Why a Son Needs a Dad – 100 Reasons


    “Gives you joy of what’s to come in fatherhood.”–Steve

    A boy’s first hero: nothing compares to the bond of a son and his dad.

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