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Simple Truths Frequently Asked Questions
Links of interest:
Ordering Related Questions:
  • Visit for quick, convenient, and secure ordering.
  • E-Mail Customer Care for a response within 24 business hours.
  • Call Customer Care for assistance:
    In the U.S.: 1 (800) 900-3427
    International: 1 (630) 946-1460
  • Send a fax to: (630) 946-1465
It is possible; however, once an order is shipped, the order can no longer be changed. If an order is placed online, it is important to check the accuracy of the order before it is submitted. Please make sure that the items selected are correct, the preferred method of shipping is chosen and that all shipping and billing addresses are accurate. If an order is placed with Customer Care, please make sure to confirm the accuracy of the order before providing any form of payment.
For U.S. Domestic orders:
  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted.
  • You may also pay with a personal or business check by calling Customer Care direct. Note: Orders paid for by check will not be shipped until we receive your payment in our office.
  • We also accept Purchase Orders from businesses via fax or phone with prior approval from Customer Care.

    There is a $500 minimum product purchase requirement for purchase orders.

For International orders we accept:

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit cards are accepted.

Order and payment processing is very secure as we use McAfee Hacker Safe technology to ensure your protection. For more information, please click here.
If you would like an invoice for an order, please email Customer Care with your request including your order number, first and last name and the email address or fax number where we should direct your invoice. An Ambassador will send an invoice to you within 24 business hours.
Product and Pricing Questions
Our products are not available through traditional retail outlets and are offered exclusively through our online store, via Customer Care or via fax. Please see “How can I place an order” for more information. Our products are of the highest quality and content and it is our intent to uphold this quality standard by offering them direct. Please note that frames, prints and accessories are not available for International shipping.
We keep all of our products stocked in our distribution center located in Aurora, Illinois U.S.A. On occasion, we do experience product shortage due to fluctuations in our order volume; however, we will alert you to any delivery delays as we restock.
There are numerous reasons why people purchase our products.
  • First and foremost, individuals and organizations alike treasure the core values that are exhibited in all of our books and products. Some of our topics include Customer Service, Leadership, Teamwork, Attitude, Selling and Inspiration.
  • Individuals find personal enjoyment and reward from the motivational, encouraging and uplifting messages we incorporate into our products.
  • Organizations use our products for employee recognition, morale, themes and motivation or to send powerful messages during company meetings and events.
  • All of our products also make terrific gifts for friends, family, colleagues and employees.
  1. A great gift to thank your best customers!
  2. A great gift for your friends and family!
  3. Reinforce your meeting theme with a takeaway that will keep the message alive!
  4. A surprise gift to welcome each new employee!
  5. Thank individuals for making a difference or for going the extra mile!
  6. Celebrate an employee’s birthday or company anniversary by sending a book to their home!
  7. Reinforce your training programs by giving a small gift upon completion!
  8. Send a different book each quarter to “stay connected” to your best customers, your distributors or your sales team in the field!
  9. Invest in the personal development of your people with our gift books which in many instances open the door to a better way of thinking!
  10. Celebrate a company milestone!
  11. Treat yourself to the amazing insight, inspiration and motivation found within our books.
Yes. All of our products offer detailed descriptions and specific images plus you can preview our products with our interactive online tools. We feature interactive book links where you may click through and review actual content within our books. Further, our movie library offers links to movies related to specific book titles. Our movies provide insight into the theme and message of various books and contain amazing graphics, music and inspiration.
We offer a variety of services to businesses including customizing books for your recipients. For each option, we do require a minimum quantity to be ordered. The options are as follows:
  • Self-mailer with letter (Minimum quantity of 50):
    The gift book of your choice is shipped in a custom self-mailer with a parchment letter to communicate your message. (personalizing option available)

  • Personalized book sleeve (Minimum quantity of 500):
    Your message, your letter and your logo are imprinted on a custom sleeve that holds the book you have selected. This package almost always guarantees a "WOW" from customers or employees.

  • Personalized label (Minimum quantity of 50):
    Personalize each book with a beautiful label that adds a touch of class.

  • Autographed by author (Subject to availability):
    Just another way to add value to the book of your choice, and say...I care.
The process, quantity requirements and pricing of a custom book differ based on the specifications. If you are interested in a custom book please contact Customer Care and request to speak to a Corporate Sales Executive. In the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
Our main focus at Simple Truths is to deliver core values through very high quality books filled with valuable information and amazing photography. Further, our books are designed to inspire, motivate and provide a lasting source that delivers positive lessons for life. With this in mind, we focus on offering only our books for purchase and do not sale our DVD’s or CD’s. However, most of our book titles are available with a DVD or CD as an addition. When you consider that for less than $25 you can purchase a Simple Truths book with accompanying DVD or CD, you are receiving a tremendous value.
We always have new products in process including books, DVDs, prints, video, audio and other related products.

Members of our newsletter receive special discounts, promotions and announcements when new items become available and also enjoy wonderful stories and quotes. You may join our newsletter by clicking here or by calling Customer Care. In the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
Our prices are available in our online store and in our most current catalog. If you find a price difference on either our website or in our catalog, please contact Customer Care for assistance. In the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
Currently, the Simple Truths products are available only in English.
We do offer volume discounts. Our discounts begin when your order exceeds 2 items of the same title. If you order online, your savings are tallied for you and will appear in your shopping cart for each item ordered and will also appear on your order summary page. If you order by phone, Customer Care Ambassadors will indicate your total savings based on the volume of your order.
Our product discount pricing is primarily based on the volume discounts for specific book titles as posted on our website. However, for volume pricing beyond 200 units, our Corporate Sales Executives can be contacted to discuss the possibilities. To reach a Corporate Sales Executive for your area please please call Customer Care. In the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
Technical Questions
Our system, online content, movies, DVD's and CD's are designed to function with most operating systems and browsers including:
  • Windows (except Windows 95 and prior versions); IE6, IE7, Firefox2
  • Mac OS X; Safari2
  • Linux
A version 8 Flash player or newer is required to view various online content including movies. While we do not sponsor specific applications or software, you can a download the most current version of Adobe Flash Player.
A common issue with some computers is an outdated or non-existent flash player which is required in order to view certain online video content. While we do not sponsor specific applications or software to play our movies or DVD's the following links may be helpful:
  • Adobe Flash Player is a very common and top flash player application.
  • Media Player Classic is good for playing DVDs on systems where Windows Media Player doesn't work.
  • iPhone and iPad users can watch all our movies by downloading the Simple Truths app from the Apple app store. From your iPhone or iPad, go to the app store and search for Simple Truths Inspirational Quotes or click here. This app is free and also features a quote of the day and quote search function as well as the ability to make purchases through the app.
If you have further questions regarding the movies or DVD's not working on your system, please contact Customer Care.
We aim to continuously improve our website and its ease of use. If you experience any difficulty in navigating our website, please view our site map. You may also contact Customer Care and an Ambassador will assist you with any area of our online store and can assist you in placing an order. In the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
No. Due to copyright protections and our strict quality standards, our movies can only be viewed directly from our website or from an accompanying DVD provided with the purchase of a book.
Our DVD's are produced in the Region 0 and Region All format. Region 0 and Region All discs are un-coded and can be played world-wide; however, they are NTSC encoded, so televisions in the U.K. won't display the content
Most of the music within our movies and DVD's is proprietary to Simple Truths and unavailable for purchase; however, the following music is currently available by visiting
Great Quotes From Great Leaders Opal Fire Morning Rain Omar Akram
The Essence of Leadership Sacred Fire A Place in My Heart Nicholas Gunn
Sales Motivation Secret Journey Run Away With Me Omar Akram
Change Is Good...You Go First Guitar Odyssey Treasure Bay Govi
Dreams Are Whispers From the Soul Sweet Return Reflections of Love Hilary Stagg
No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky Grand Canyon Entering Twin Falls Nicholas Gunn
One Solitary Life Sacred River Sacred River Gandalf
Finding Joy To My Love Capture the Moment David London
Most of our movies run between 3 to 5 minutes. CD content varies. The guide below offers further information for each specific product (time is in mm:ss):
  • 212 ۫ 3:25
  • Dash, The - CD/Track 1 4:08
  • Dash, The - CD/Track 2 4:06
  • Dash, The - DVD 2:47
  • Essence of Leadership, The 2:37
  • Great Quotes 4:16
  • May You Be Blessed 4:09
  • Nature of Success, The 3:36
  • No Glass Ceiling, Just Blue Sky 3:47
  • One Solitary Life 3:09
  • Paper Airplane 3:29
  • Power of Attitude, The 3:46
  • Power of Teamwork, The 3:36
  • Race, The 7:48
  • Rock Solid Leadership 2:43
  • Sales Motivation 3:08
  • Simple Truths of Appreciation, The 3:10
  • Simple Truths of Selling, The - CD 55:92
  • Simple Truths of Service, The 3:37
  • Strangest Secret, The - CD 5:02
  • Strangest Secret, The - DVD 3:23
  • To a Child Love is Spelled Time 4:11
    • Track 1 1:13
    • Track 2 7:03
    • Track 3 12:11
    • Track 4 16:19
    • Track 5 10:20
    • Track 6 2:45
    • Track 7 5:52
    • Track 8 1:29
  • Walk the Talk 2:56
  • What it Takes To Be #1 - CD 22:37
  • What it Takes To Be #1 - DVD 3:16
  • You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School 3:10
Cookies are small files that websites save to your hard disk or to your browser's memory. We may use them to track the number of times you have visited our Website, to track the number of visitors to our Website, to determine and analyze visitors' use of our Website, to store information that you provide such as your preferences, and to store technical information useful for your interactions with our Website.

Our Website use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are used to make it easier for you to navigate our site. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time. You can remove persistent cookies by following directions provided in your Internet browser's "help" file. Persistent cookies are set to store an encrypted link to your account information, so you don't have to enter it more than once. Persistent cookies also enable Simple Truths to track and target the interests of users to enhance the experience on our site.

Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being placed on your computer. Please know however that if you choose to decline cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the features of our Website and will not be able to complete a purchase on our Website.
Utilizing our Products in Business or Work
Due to publishing agreements we have with our authors, we cannot grant permission to incorporate any of our quotes, stories or excerpts from our books, even if you disclose and properly cite the source.
You may put a link to our website and/or any of our movie domains without any special permission from Simple Truths.
You may broadcast any of our movies via their respective domain name without any special permission from Simple Truths.

Our DVD’s and CD’s are intended for individual use only, however, you may show any of our DVD’s or play any of our CD’s to more than 2 people at a time provided that the viewing and/or listening is not part of a paid commercial event or training program.

For further information on our copyright, licensing and other media related policies, please contact Customer Care via email. Or in the U.S. dial 1 (800) 900-3427 and International callers dial 1 (630) 946-1460.
Additional Questions
Simple Truths is committed to respecting the privacy rights of our website visitors. All data collected will be used only for the specific purpose granted by you while on our website. Your information will be strictly protected and kept confidential. We will never share, rent or sell your information. Our complete privacy policy can be viewed here. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.
Click here to obtain our current catalog in a digital PDF format or to order a physical copy
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Newsletter Subscriber – You can personally subscribe to Simple Truths Newsletter on our website (Click Here to sign up for our free newsletter). You will be asked to respond to two separate validation requests to ensure that you intended to subscribe.

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We always appreciate hearing your feedback. Please email us with your positive or constructive experiences or check out our online blog where you can share your inspirational story.
To submit a project for consideration, please send a query letter, product description, sample content and your contact information to:
Mac Anderson
Simple Truths, LLC
1952 McDowell Road, Suite 205
Naperville, Illinois U.S.A. 60563
Please note that we cannot return any materials received. We will contact you if there is interest in your project.
Simple Truths is not a speaker bureau, though in some cases we can put you in touch with our authors. Questions can be directed to Darci Bertoncello at (800) 900-3427 x100.
To inquire about scheduling Mac Anderson or Linda Ellis, contact Premiere Speakers Bureau at (615) 261-4000 or visit
To find out more information on becoming an affiliate, please contact Customer Care, or click here.
Effective April 1, 2008 the sales tax rate assessed on orders sold to customers within the state of Illinois is 7.25% unless a tax exempt letter is provided