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Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom inspirational books are a great gift for customers and employees. Contact a corporate sales representative by email or by phone at 1-800-900-8427 ext. 110 to place your order or learn more about your options.

5 Things Custom Gift Books Can Do for You

  • Wow your customers and employees with an elegant and unique gift
  • Reinforce your corporate message with the theme of the book
  • Very high perceived value gift relative to cost
  • Cost of gift falls well below ethical giving limits
  • Your customers will keep your gift for a long time, keeping your name in front of them well beyond the holidays

Create personalized gifts your employees and customers will love!

EVERYTIME I send a Simple Truths gift book we get a phone call from our client telling us how wonderful the book was...”


5 Great Simple Truths Custom Gift Options

1. Custom label with your logo and message

  • 50-piece minimum

2. Custom parchment letter with your logo and message

  • 50-piece minimum

3. Adhesive business card holder

4. Black gift box

5. Silver gift box

“I have used the Simple Truths books in the past as birthday gifts for my ‘A-list’ clients. I received many many very positive was a very positive and rewarding experience.”



“I use these books for my clients’ birthdays, retirement, re-locating, as there is always a book appropriate for each occasion. Clients really like the short...motivational books. They tell me they read and often re-read [them].”


Contact a corporate sales representative for more details!

Call 1-800-900-3427 ext. 110 or contact us via email to place your order.